Our business analysis skills bring higher ROI

With numerous scalable technologies in the era of rapid development, the only reason behind failure of projects is poor business analysis.  Business analyst is the bridge between the business users and the tech team.  Capturing functional and non functional requirements is the key to kickstart a project in the right direction. Failure to respond to technological environments makes you more vulnerable to competition.

Instead, a solid Business Analysis is key to building a healthy ROI. We capture your requirements, define your project’s use cases and write your specifications. The combination of these elements is essential for the project delivery. Accommodating requirement change is possible only for well written and structured requirements.

Many of today’s software development teams have begun applying Agile methods, which allows for rapid solutions with short iterations, to replace or in addition to Waterfall methods which is widely used as a traditional software development method. This has led to processes to evolve and become more agile with the Agile Business Analysis processes.

Business Analysis Services offered by BA-Works are fully compliant to IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis) methodologies.

User focused approach for project success

Our User Experience embodies 3 concepts – ergonomy, engagement, and practicality of the solution. It goes from the definition of your project to the interactive prototyping of your ideas.

We provide an end-to-end UX service based on ‘design thinking approach’. We provide the following services:

 Wireframes and Prototypes

 Graphical mock-ups

 Logo Design and Branding

UI Testing

3D Design

Video Help Files /Tutorial Creation

By focusing on your business fundamentals, we deliver a UX that maximizes the value of your brand. Simply put, our core strengths lie in the simplicity of our design, yet providing ultra-modern and exhilarating designs and experiences to our client’s customers. Perfection in user flow and finesse in each design elements is what we attempt to achieve with our skilled team of designers and developers.