Cloud Services and DevOps

Cloud Computing service is nothing but providing (on demand) services like Storage, Databases, Servers, networking and the software through the Internet. Our cloud services provide the following in built edge to our customers:

Performance: world-class, globally interconnected ecosystem of bandwidth, network, and telecom service providers along with top notch hardware.

Security: Our highest priority is to provide our customers with immense value through holistic Threat Management solution based on the Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) model.

Availability: Our clients trust us to support the security and high availability of their mission-critical data, systems, and operations.

Cost Saving: All above services are available with enormous cost benefits due to on demand hardware and software infrastructure resulting in huge long term savings.

Cloud Services by QuickScale:

Data Center Migration: A clear, precise and well-monitored data center migration has the power to change an organization’s overall operating environment and helps customer move from Capex to Opex model.

Business Continuity: Our world class cloud servers and team of experts help you design a disaster recovery strategy to deploy solutions that will meet your mandatory recovery objectives.

Managed Services: QuickScale team of experts help you manage and monitor operating systems, databases and enterprise applications, including the integration of Citrix, SAP and SQL

DevOps Services by QuickScale:

Having highly available world class hardware infrastructure and software applications is not enough to maintain the bleeding edge for competitive advantage. For this, we need to have advances set of tools and automation processes more popularly called as DevOps. The fact is that cloud computing is no bed of roses. Costs are typically higher than expected, migration is typically costlier and more complex than expected, and operations are much more laborious than expected.
DevOps is a powerful option for enterprises wanting to accelerate their transformation journey and have their software delivery foundation managed centrally by an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP).
We have in house expertise to transform the business by invoking power of automation in each and every step of the development and delivery cycle. Industry leading tools given below are used to automate the following.
    1. Operational management of compute, storage and network resources
    2. Build and Release Management
    3. Configuration Management
    4. Application Deployment as a Unit (Dockers)
    5. Backup/restore of data,
    6. Performance and Security Management