About Us

QuickScale is well committed to delivering quality software solutions and services with special focus on the protection IP Rights of customers. Since we have few of the leading product development companies as our customers, the need to protect the IP Rights at multiple levels is all the more important.

Common types of intellectual property rights include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets. QuickScale takes special care for IP right at multiple levels in the following way:

As Service Providers:
  • QuickScale as service provider accounts for all IP and associated know-how (whether registered or not, pending registration, or new) during the pre contract phase.
  • We ensure that the outsourcing agreement (contract) includes provisions to protect the IP of both the parties.
  • We also ensure clarity of ownership or joint-ownership of IP assets created or improved during the course of the outsourcing relationship.
At the Human Level:
  • Employees are made aware about the IP rights and are trained for taking care while working with IP creation
  • Set-up an integrated, well functioning IP protection and security program to safeguard QuickScale as well as the customers confidential information
  • Enter confidentiality (non-disclosure) and non-compete agreements where and when appropriate.
  • Restricted and role based access to information and assets for human resources
At the Desktop/Server Level:
  • All the machines are patched and only authorized access is allowed.
  • The hardware doesn't have CD writers and all the USB ports are disabled for users.
  • Strong access control to view, edit and delete data
  • Windows PC run AntiVirus Software which protects the individual PC from all kinds of viruses, worms, malware etc
  • Servers are Redhat /CentOS based machines with strict access control
  • Access through Proxy and Firewall
  • Implementing router/network security at port level
  • The logs on all the servers are checked regularly to catch any abnormal behaviour