About Us

QuickScale has focused in delivering cutting edge solutions to its valued customers at low cost, thus making its customers more competitive. This is the reason behind its success even in tough economic climate.

Offerings are supported by distinctive methodologies which have proven track record. These methodologies are engineered to reduce risk, enhance project visibility and control while seamlessly integrating delivery from customer site, local facilities and offshore Dedicated Development Centers.

Though QuickScale has maturity to adopt Waterfall and Iterative methodologies of software development, we recommend Agile methodologies. Scrum and XP Practices form an integral part of our development processes. We broadly follow the following steps for application development.

  • 1) Comprehensive and detailed analysis of the business needs.
  • 2) Segregation of requirements into small modules/iterations as per priority.
  • 3) Initiate design concept & programming on iterations.
  • 4) Client feedback on completion of each iteration.
  • 5) Block wise testing of application to get the real time feedback.
  • 6) Practicing Scrum and XP principals such as re-factoring, pair programming to eliminate redundancies and optimize efficiency.